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Wholesale Cut



Strip LoinCall For Current PricesWhole Strip Loins can be used as a roast or cut into New York strip steaks. At the Village Butcher Shoppe, we use a '0x1' standard cut that minimizes cutting loss to you the customer. This means more steaks and less trim loss.
Beef Tenderloin (PISMO)Call For Current PricesWhole Choice Beef Tenderloin. Can be trimmed, tied and cooked whole as a roast or cut into Fillet Mignon Steaks. A perfect choice if you are having a party and want to serve several fillet's.
Whole Ribeye (Lip-On)Call For Current PricesWhole Choice Ribeye that can be used as a boneless Rib Roast or cut into Delmonico Steaks. Some trimming is required.
Export RibCall For Current PricesThe Export Rib is a whole Bone-In Rib roast that is perfect for the Holidays and can be very easily cut into Rib Steaks for Grilling. Some trimming is required.
Top Sirloin ButtCall For Current PricesWhole Top Sirloin Butt is normally cut into Sirloin Steaks or can easly be cooked as a roast (after some trimming) and carved in front of guests. A great roast for Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches.
Short LoinCall For Current PricesThe Short Loin is a section of the Beef Loin that Porterhouse and T-Bone Steaks are cut from. At the Village BUtcher Shoppe, we use a '0x1' standard cut that minimizes cutting loss which means more steak to eat.

At the Village Butcher Shoppe we are happy to cut all of our wholesale cuts of meat and wrap or vacuum pack them according to your directions. There is No Charge for cutting and wrapping. To vacuum pack your cuts, we charge $0.15/pack (i.e. 15 steaks individually wrapped will add $2.25 to the order).

Wholesale Cuts of Meat (Sub Primal's)